Monday, March 31, 2014

Book release anniversary sale!

If you don't follow me on Twitter (which you should: @quinnafleming), my book DMQZ is on sale right now over on Amazon. You can pick it up for just $0.99 (67% off) for the next eight hours or so.

DMQZ is a pulp neo-noir set in a post-pandemic New York City. Here's the synopsis:

In the wake of the global pandemic known as the "little dormouse," the line between the Safe Zone and the Quarantine Zone divides New York City. The shores and waters of the East River are the "DMQZ," the uninhabited area that separates uninfected Manhattan from the slowly dying borough of Brooklyn.
Jacob Hale is a Manhattan police officer rising in the ranks of the Safe Zone military government until a bank heist gone wrong lands him on suspension and under suspicion. On a quest to clear his good name, Hale finds himself drawn into a web of conspiracy, terrorism, and revolt - and into the orbit of a mysterious woman who may be the key to it all.
 Pick it up while it's on sale!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Breaking down the True Detective Season 1 Finale

Sunday night (or Monday night, for poor souls like myself whose HBOgo panicked), HBO's first season of True Detective drew to a close. The reception of the episode was divided, and in many ways the finale was a crystallization of what people loved and hated about the show. Let's break it down.

Spoilers from here on in.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

True Detective: How's it all going to end?

If you haven't watched True Detective yet, stop reading. Really. This is the kind of show you don't want to be spoiled.

Spoilers from here on in.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oblivion Spoiler-Free Review

Is it good?
It’s surprisingly not terrible.

Is it technically good?
The effects are clearly expensive, but Joseph Kosinski effectively rubs grime on his style from Tron: Legacy, and the result is a world that’s a little too pretty for the post-apocalypse.
The acting, with the exception of a stellar Andrea Riseborough, is leaden - especially star Cruise.
The music and sound are excellent, outclassing the rest of the film.
The movie as a whole feels as though director Kosinski has made a giant motion comic of his non-existent graphic novel rather than adding anything unique to the format of film.

What does it promise - and does it deliver?
Tom Cruise saving the post-apocalyptic world - surprisingly, even though it borders on being dull, it mostly delivers with a twist.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014


Sorry for the delay in new posts here, been book-writing! Should have some movie reviews & such ready next week.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Elysium Spoiler-free Review

Is it good?
No, it’s a mess.

Is it technically good?
Visually, the movie stunning, bringing the chaotic-future motif from the director’s previous effort (District 9) to the next level.
The acting seems to be okay, but the script is so scattered that the actors have almost nothing to work with.
The music and sound are good, if not stand-out.
The writer/director, Neill Blomkamp, hasn’t created a world or a narrative that make any sense - and also isn’t fun.

What does it promise - and does it deliver?
Visceral, gritty science fiction grounded in social commentary - sadly, it doesn’t deliver anything but some pretty pictures.

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DMQZ ebook sale PSA

In case you don't have your copy yet, DMQZ is now on sale for a limited time over at Amazon. You know, for that new Kindle/iPad/tablet/phone/other thingy you got. You can't beat 99 cents!