Monday, April 22, 2013

Writing update

Almost immediately after finishing DMQZ, I started smashing my brain up against the sequel. I'd planned the Dormouse books as a trilogy, and since I had finished one, I was ready to move right on. The sequel is currently evolving under the working title U.S.S.

Of course, it's never quite as simple as you hope it will be. You often hear about two camps of writers: those who plan like fiends, and those who "just write" and let the story and characters guide them. I fall somewhere in between. I don't write outlines or have maps or a wall of sticky notes, but I do need to have a basic idea of where the story starts, finishes, and what the main beats will be. The process of ironing those main plot points out is sometimes called "breaking the story."

I started writing U.S.S. with the story only half-broken. While DMQZ follows just one main character, U.S.S. is a split narrative, following two. When I started writing last year, I only had one narrative's story figured out. I started that one, but when it came time to switch at a chapter break, I hit a brick wall.

Yesterday, though, I finally broke story two. Sometimes, cranking up a mix with a lot of Bear McCreary while cleaning the apartment just does the trick.

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