Tuesday, June 18, 2013

V/H/S/2 Spoiler-free Review

Is it good?
The 3rd tape sequence, "Safe Haven" makes it worth it.

Is it technically good?
Because there are five separate shorts combined (4 VHS "tapes" and a frame story narrative) the production quality varies.
The frame narrative: unlike in the first V/H/S, the frame narrative in 2 barely has its own story and it isn't executed well.
The first tape: good production is pulled down by poor acting and writing.
The second tape: a great concept (zombies from zombie POV) is decently done but doesn't end up being scary enough or going far enough.
The third tape: great production, good acting and writing, complete insanity - this could have been, and perhaps should have been, its own film.
The fourth tape: decently made but twist-less.

What does it promise - and does it deliver?
Horror shorts from different directors to shock and terrify even more than the first V/H/S film; while the third tape is great, the first V/H/S is still overall a better compilation.

If you liked these, you'll like this: V/H/S, the Eye.

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