Thursday, August 29, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Spoiler-Free Review

Is it good?

Is it technically good?
The special effects are even better than the first, with JJ Abrams' signature attention to nerdy detail.
The returning actors remind you how good they are at these characters, and Benedict Cumberbatch is determined to show you every expression the human face can synthesize.
The music and sound is good, with the exception of a piano piece that turns a serious sequence into melodrama.
Star Trek Into Darkness feels more like a Trek movie and less like an audition for Star Wars VII, although the things fans griped about in the first are still in the second.

What does it promise - and does it deliver?
An evolution of the adrenaline-saturated alt-Trek universe - it delivers, with slightly less lens flare.

If you liked these, you'll like this: JJ's first Star Trek reboot.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Iron Man 3 Spoiler-Free Review

Is it good?
It's on par with Iron Man II.

Is it technically good?
The special effects are awesome… but fall victim to timing mishandling. If Zack Snyder uses slo-mo too much, Shane Black uses slo-mo too little. Never thought you'd want more slo-mo, did you?
The acting is good. Ben Kingsley steals his scenes and Guy Pearce chews his scenery up, but RDJ remains the rock that steadies these films.
The music is a bit of a letdown from the first two, riffing more off the Batman theme than Iron Man's own.
The director, Shane Black, goes a bit auteur, and in this case that means making Iron Man III a mash-up of Iron Man II and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

What does it promise - and does it deliver?
A return to the form of Iron Man I that will make you forget Iron Man II - while it can't make you forget II, III doesn't diminish on returns.

If you liked these, you'll like this: Iron Man II, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Back from vacation

My posts have been somewhat wanting in the past couple weeks; the sharknado didn't get me though, I was just on vacation. A week of prep and then a week on a lake in Maine have helped to cleanse the body and soul. I am always impressed by people who write prolifically while working a full time job besides. It's been a challenge balancing those aspects of my own life, and I needed a recharge. Back in the realm of the living this week, with belated film reviews to come and resumption of the work on my sequel to DMQZ.