Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oblivion Spoiler-Free Review

Is it good?
It’s surprisingly not terrible.

Is it technically good?
The effects are clearly expensive, but Joseph Kosinski effectively rubs grime on his style from Tron: Legacy, and the result is a world that’s a little too pretty for the post-apocalypse.
The acting, with the exception of a stellar Andrea Riseborough, is leaden - especially star Cruise.
The music and sound are excellent, outclassing the rest of the film.
The movie as a whole feels as though director Kosinski has made a giant motion comic of his non-existent graphic novel rather than adding anything unique to the format of film.

What does it promise - and does it deliver?
Tom Cruise saving the post-apocalyptic world - surprisingly, even though it borders on being dull, it mostly delivers with a twist.

If you liked these, you'll like this: Tron: Legacy, Elysium, War of the Worlds or other Tom Cruise Movies.


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