Friday, August 15, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Spoiler-Free Review

Is it good?
It’s "superhero movie" equivalent to rock 'n' roll.

Is it technically good?
The effects are good, and importantly fun and colorful. The result is to make the universe feel real without being grim or boring.
Guardians is an ensemble movie, and nearly everyone is good (though some of the villains have very little to work with).
The music is often cited as a key feature of the film, not without reason: it’s cleverly used as a tool to ground the weirdness.
Director/co-writer (?) James Gunn has made a crude, violent, semi-subversive movie that has more humorous and heartstring moments than all the other Marvel movies to date put together.

What does it promise - and does it deliver?
A superhero movie that’s actually fun - and it certainly delivers.

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