Published 2013


In the wake of the global pandemic known as the "little dormouse," the line between the Safe Zone and the Quarantine Zone divides New York City. The shores and waters of the East River are the "DMQZ," the uninhabited area that separates uninfected Manhattan from the slowly dying borough of Brooklyn.

Jacob Hale is a Manhattan police officer rising in the ranks of the Safe Zone military government until a bank heist gone wrong lands him on suspension and under suspicion. On a quest to clear his good name, Hale finds himself drawn into a web of conspiracy, terrorism, and revolt - and into the orbit of a mysterious woman who may be the key to it all.

Clown Samurai
Published 2005 -


Clown Samurai is a webcomic following the adventures of Ogata Utamaro, a down-on-his-luck clown trained in the way of the samurai. When Utamaro is hired to put a hit on a mob boss, things quickly spin out of control, and he finds himself drawn into an all-out gang war.

The series, currently on hiatus, can be read in its entirety at Webcomics Nation.